Baby J – Fun Family Portraits – Jefferson City, MO Photographer

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most life changing events that one can experience. Knowing that you’ve helped to create a life is flat out incredible. Watching the seemingly daily changes in your little one makes you step back and appreciate just how innocent and sweet these moments are.

I shared a picture of George smiling at his daughter on Instagram a little while back, but the feeling about that picture has still not changed for me. As I mentioned in my post, there is a certain pride and love that can be seen in the way he looks at her. Having kids of my own, I understand what this feels like. There are a mix of emotions that come to the surface, which some may not know unless they’ve experienced it themselves. I know that there is a certain level of fear that comes from being a new dad, but it’s mostly overshadowed by the intense joy and excitement that comes from watching your baby experiencing so much that life has to offer.

I’m incredibly grateful for this new family allowing me to capture this brief moment in their lives. There will also be more firsts for them, but I hope these family portraits are something they will look back on years from now that takes them back to such an exciting time!


P.S. If you are looking to document your own family, feel free to get in touch at! You can also reach me at 573-220-6643.

Kramer Wedding at Les Bourgeois – Rocheport, MO Photographer

I’ve known Bill and Stephanie for almost a decade now and one of the most memorable times we’ve had together was their wedding Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport, MO. This was memorable partially because they got married on my 30th birthday, partially because they asked me to photograph their wedding, and the also because they later asked me to be in their wedding!

So how does being in a wedding and photographing it work? Well, it works by giving your then-fiance a basic crash course in photography, handing off another camera to a friend and then hoping for the best while you’re preoccupied. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end! The photos above are special, as this was a small wedding with close friends and family.

As an added bonus, there are actually a few photos that I was in (rare) and photos where I actually pretended to dance (even more rare)!

Mariel: Helias – Jefferson City, MO Senior Photographer

Next up on the blog, we have Mariel. Mariel was a Helias senior here in Jefferson City who was the first senior for me from the Class of 2015! We started with doing yearbook photos at the studio, which is typical for most Helias seniors and then headed straight outdoors. Mariel wanted to mix up her locations a bit so we started at the conservation department, then headed over to Runge, and finished up with some fun night photos downtown. Mariel also brought along one of her close friends who she pulled in the picture at the very end for a few fun shots! Mariel, thank you so much for letting me photograph you for your senior portraits – you were wonderful to work with and so open for trying new ideas!


Derek & Mackenzie’s Engagement Session in Fulton, MO

Planning poses for a engagement session is pretty typical for me. It gives me a base to work from when starting a session, but like many things in life, the plan will probably get tweaked – which is what keeps photography fun.

Every couple has their own unique connection, and Derek and Mackenzie were no exception. Some like whimsical, some like romantic and some come with their own blend. These two were pretty well all for just having a good time. Those that have worked with me can tell you that I have trouble being uber-serious so this session was a complete joy for me!

If you’re interested in getting more info for your own carefree engagement session, feel free to hit me up at .


Kevin & Amanda’s Country Engagement – Jefferson City, MO Wedding Photographer

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d be going back a couple years and sharing a lot of my previous work. While sorting through all the galleries, I came across Kevin and Amanda’s engagement session that we did on Kevin’s family farm outside of Jefferson City, MO in 2014. I’ve got nice size print in my studio of the last image in this gallery, but I kinda forgot just how much I enjoyed photographing their engagement. It’s always enjoyable working outside, but (geek alert) the light on this day was God-send for sure! These two were super easy to work with, and from a creative standpoint, I want to take credit for how the images turned out. However, when you see the way they look at each, you realize that is actually where all the magic comes from. I hope y’all enjoy viewing this handful of images from Kevin and Amanda’s engagement session as much as I do!

A New Year, A New Blog

A few years ago I did away with my blog, and as time has gone by I came to realize just how much I missed the having the ability to show updates to the weddings and portrait sessions that had been completed.

So here’s to a new year and the re-birth of my blog!

I’ve got a lot of shoots and articles that I will be sharing so please feel free to check back as everything gets uploaded. This is super exciting so make sure you check in from time to time to see what has been going on. And if you have been in front of my camera within the last couple of years, keep an eye out for your portrait session or wedding to be posted!

I hope y’all have an awesome 2020!

And here’s peak into my personal life. This is the Luebbering family’s 2019 holiday picture. Thankfully, we only do this once a year!