Kevin & Amanda’s Country Engagement – Jefferson City, MO Wedding Photographer

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d be going back a couple years and sharing a lot of my previous work. While sorting through all the galleries, I came across Kevin and Amanda’s engagement session that we did on Kevin’s family farm outside of Jefferson City, MO in 2014. I’ve got nice size print in my studio of the last image in this gallery, but I kinda forgot just how much I enjoyed photographing their engagement. It’s always enjoyable working outside, but (geek alert) the light on this day was God-send for sure! These two were super easy to work with, and from a creative standpoint, I want to take credit for how the images turned out. However, when you see the way they look at each, you realize that is actually where all the magic comes from. I hope y’all enjoy viewing this handful of images from Kevin and Amanda’s engagement session as much as I do!