Kramer Wedding at Les Bourgeois – Rocheport, MO Photographer

I’ve known Bill and Stephanie for almost a decade now and one of the most memorable times we’ve had together was their wedding Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport, MO. This was memorable partially because they got married on my 30th birthday, partially because they asked me to photograph their wedding, and the also because they later asked me to be in their wedding!

So how does being in a wedding and photographing it work? Well, it works by giving your then-fiance a basic crash course in photography, handing off another camera to a friend and then hoping for the best while you’re preoccupied. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end! The photos above are special, as this was a small wedding with close friends and family.

As an added bonus, there are actually a few photos that I was in (rare) and photos where I actually pretended to dance (even more rare)!